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The creative work of “Bermyancheck” Kryashen State Folk Ensemble is filled with this idea of preserving the authenticity of ethnic kryashen traditions. Our performances are meant to demonstrate to the audience all the best historical and cultural heritage of the kryashen people through various songs, dance numbers, instrumental compositions and ritual customs. We make our costumes with a minimal stylization, for our costumes represent different kryashen ethnic clothes and finery. The musical style of the ensemble is strongly based on the primary ethnic folk.
The ensemble has more than 100 ethnic songs and more than 20 dance numbers in its repertoire so far, all recorded from its performances in kryashen villages of the Volga and Ural regions. We represent the authentic traditions of different kryashen ethnic groups who live in the Volga and Ural regions, by performing folk songs, dance numbers and instrumental compositions. Our repertoire is mostly based on records and transcriptions of the ensemble’s founder, G. M. Makarov, a folklorist with a Ph.D. in Art Criticism.

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